Chatbot maken

Wil je een chatbot maken? Dan is het handig om te kijken naar verschillende mogelijkheden die je hebt wanneer je een chatbot wilt maken. Er zijn namelijk een hoop chatbots die je kunt kopen. Ook als groot bedrijf is het verstandig om een chatbot te kopen. Een chatbot is handig wanneer je een groot bedrijf… Continue reading Chatbot maken

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What is Innovatest Hardness Testers?

The Innovatest Hardness Testers can be used for a wide variety of applications. Its hardness testing software and its workflow controls have many functions to meet the needs of different industries. The systems use advanced algorithms to scan for indent. Each system features artificial intelligence to give up to date tests. They further feature test… Continue reading What is Innovatest Hardness Testers?

Things to Know Before Buying a Dartboard Backboard

Sometimes darts enthusiasts seem to forget the fact that walls are not dartboards and should not be used like one. Constantly playing darts without a proper dartboard may lead to punctured and ugly-looking damaged walls. It is impossible that one’s aim would be perfect at all times and there are high chances of darts to… Continue reading Things to Know Before Buying a Dartboard Backboard

DJ Booking agency Amsterdam

Do you have to celebrate something special? Then it’s good that you hire a DJ that suits all people that come to the party. If you organize a wedding there will be various people with different music taste. To fulfill all people, it’s important that you look for an overall DJ. Normally it’s hard to… Continue reading DJ Booking agency Amsterdam

Q-fin developed a high speed deburring machine

Q-fin Quality Finishing developed the F1200: a high speed deburring machine for sheet components up to a width of 1200 mm. Our machine is designed by industrial experts with the vision: ‘small for small’ and ‘large for large’. This high speed deburring machine is useable for the following metal processes: deburring, grinding, edge breaking, edge… Continue reading Q-fin developed a high speed deburring machine