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What is Innovatest Hardness Testers?

The Innovatest Hardness Testers can be used for a wide variety of applications. Its hardness testing software and its workflow controls have many functions to meet the needs of different industries. The systems use advanced algorithms to scan for indent. Each system features artificial intelligence to give up to date tests. They further feature test accessories such as test blocks and indenters to offer traceable certification. If an industry of business has specific needs, the Innovatest engineers can customize the design of the testers to meet the purpose of the tester.

The hardness testing machines are manual or automatic, depending on the application and the budget of the buyer. Automated hardness testers come in handy in industries while manual units are great for use in the workshop. These testers have been used by experts in different industries; the systems keep improving to meet the needs of different users.

hardness testers

The Advantages of these Machines

The machines use modern technology to deliver quality results that meet the needs of different industries. Innovatest has showrooms in different parts of the world where experts can test the systems to see how well they work. There are at least 100 different models designed to fit the different needs of users. Each of these models can fit different applications.

The models include Vickers, Rockwell, Universal, Brinell, and Portables. Professionals in different fields can choose the model that meets their needs. The camera systems are also advanced for quality results.

hardness testers

Things to Know Before Buying a Dartboard Backboard

Sometimes darts enthusiasts seem to forget the fact that walls are not dartboards and should not be used like one. Constantly playing darts without a proper dartboard may lead to punctured and ugly-looking damaged walls. It is impossible that one’s aim would be perfect at all times and there are high chances of darts to land on walls that would worsen a dart’s condition. This is the reason why experienced darts players always make use of a proper dartboard backboard that would safeguard walls from darts being stuck into them.

Dartboard backboard is commonly available at various shops whether online or offline. The main focus of all buyers should be on figuring out which type would suit their requirements better and purchase the same. A typical dartboard backboard covers more space than the dartboard and spreads around it to protect the walls. 

The reason why it doesn’t matter that backboards are expensive is that it is better to spend money on saving your walls from being damaged than paying extra for being careless and repairing of those walls. Furthermore, by hitting a wall constantly, darts with soft tips might get damaged that means putting up backboards would also mean saving darts. 

Types of dartboard backboards available in markets:

  • Octagonal (wood-made): This one looks like a professional backboard and is generally made with high-quality materials such as hardwood along with plush lining. Aesthetically, these backboards are highly recommended, and they are quite durable but unfortunately, these cannot be used with electronic dartboards.
  • Square (wood and plush): Since these are square in shape, they cover a considerably huge area around the dartboard. These are extremely thick and yet easy to be mounted by a person. Although square type dartboard backboards are easy to disassemble and store, these are not fit for outdoor usage. 

Other than these 2 there are backboards made of cork, foam and even felt which are good for indoor usage. Thus, one should go for any variant that fulfils their requirement and helps save their walls.

Mesh black

The Watch that just says now

The watch that says now is an articulate piece that helps you be on time every moment. The piece is designed to meet all your custom requirements. This wristwatch is made to perfectly suit your various fashion style and needs. It is a wristwatch that guarantees both class and uniqueness in all the available makes. The watch that just says now is perfect for each woman and man who want to look their very best.

Time watch

Properties of the watch that just says now

This watch comes in many versions including a unisex one which any man or woman can go for. I was hesitant at first to believe the watch possessed all indicated properties due to their fairly subsidized price. This piece goes for so little on the market price but the benefits you will get from purchasing the watch are countless. The watch matches bracelets marvelously and this is one of the many advantages of the watch that just says now.

A great watch should have several properties such as style to ensure it matches with what you wear. It should also possess a quality of uniqueness and style to show that it has class. The watch is armored with waterproof capabilities to avoid damages. In most scenarios, people use watches to try and gauge a person’s financial background and that’s why the watch that just says now is a good choice for everyone currently. A gift from the gods as some would put it.

DJ Booking agency Amsterdam

Do you have to celebrate something special? Then it’s good that you hire a DJ that suits all people that come to the party. If you organize a wedding there will be various people with different music taste. To fulfill all people, it’s important that you look for an overall DJ. Normally it’s hard to find such a party, but on Evenses you will find the perfect DJ that suits your party. DJ booking agency Amsterdam has a large database of DJ’s, musicians and more. Feel free to look on the website and if you have any questions you can always contact the people that work there.

I want to hire a famous DJ

On the website of Evenses you can hire famous DJs. DJ Booking agency Amsterdam will always look with you to the possibilities. For example, you can hire famous DJs like Sidney Samson, Martin Garixx, Quintino and a lot more! Because of the possibilities it’s recommendable to contact the customer support. They will always look with you to the perfect DJ that suits your requirements. Besides the requirements they also look to the best price for the DJ. Price and quality is very important for the company!

Q-fin developed a high speed deburring machine

Q-fin Quality Finishing developed the F1200: a high speed deburring machine for sheet components up to a width of 1200 mm. Our machine is designed by industrial experts with the vision: ‘small for small’ and ‘large for large’. This high speed deburring machine is useable for the following metal processes: deburring, grinding, edge breaking, edge rounding and removing oxide film.

The most stable high speed deburring machine

The F1200 is equipped with a 1200 mm abrasive belt. The oscillation system ensures the belt to remain stable and to avoid snake patterns in the metal during the grinding. The machine features a unique self-supporting construction system. This makes the F1200 the most stable high speed deburring machine on the market.

Five times faster than similar machine

The F1200 is available in two systems: vacuum support or magnet support. The brush-unit of this machine exists of four counter-rotating brushes, which are all adjustable in height. The brush head oscillates in configurable strokes over the width of the machine. This results in a smooth edge rounding. This high speed deburring machine is five times faster than similar machines. And as a manufacturer you know that time is money. The F1200 makes it possible to produce efficient without losing precious time.

What is carbon fabric fiber?

Carbon fabric fiber is a long, thin strand of material. It is made of strong crystalline filaments of carbon that is used to strengthen material. Carbon fiber is about 0.005 till 0.010 mm and it is composed of carbon atoms. It can be thinner than a strand of hair. It get its strength when it is twisted together like yarn. Then it is woven together to form a cloth to take a permanent shape.

How carbon fiber is produced?

The process to make carbon fabric fiber is part mechanical and part chemical. The process starts by drawing the longs strands of fibers and then heating them to an extremely high temperature without allow it to come in contact with oxygen. This prevent the fibers from burning. During the heating process, the carbonization takes place. The atoms inside of the fibers vibrate violently, destroying most of the non-carbon atoms. The result is a carbon fabric fiber composed of long, tightly interlocked chains of carbon atoms with just a few non-carbon atoms remained.

Made with raw material

Carbon fabric fiber is made with raw material, which is called precursor. The most common precursor is polyacrylonitrile (PAN). More than 90 percent of the fibers is produced with polyacrylonitrile. Other precursor’s options include a wood by product and a common plastic.

What are the properties of carbon fabric fiber?

Carbon fabric fiber is a popular material and it is used for many applications. It is everywhere and you might have a product at home with carbon fiber material. The reason why carbon fiber is so popular is, because it has many properties. Carbon fiber:

Is very strong

Is high in stiffness

Has a low weight

Is high in tensile strength

Has an excessive heat resistance

Has a low thermal expansion

Has a high chemical resistance

Has a low thermal expansion

Has the potential to replace steel

Due to all these properties, carbon fabric fiber is a popular material that is used in many industries and high performance products, like racecars, boats, sports equipment, bicycles, airplanes and medical prosthetics.


Starting a business in Holland

If you’re interested in starting a business in Holland, we can help you setting up your business on distance. All you need is a registered office. Many entrepreneurs prefer to have a Dutch company bank and a Dutch VAT number as well so they are allowed to do officially business in the Netherlands. The Dike International company has the best specialists to assist you in setting up your business in Holland.


The offered services of Dike international ;

– opening a B.V. company (B.V. stands for Besloten Vennootschap, one of the best Dutch company structures) within 5 – 10 working days.                                                                     costs 950,-

– opening a Dutch company bank account                                                costs 695,-

– obtaining a VAT number                                                                            costs 295,-

– obtaining of a social security number (the director of the company needs a social security number for opening a Dutch company bank account).                                                                costs 145,-

– a registered office (address) in the Netherlands                                 costs 1.080,- a year (90,- a month)

– continuous personal assistance (this includes assisting with the opening of a bank account and obtaining the social security number for the director of the company)                        costs 1.100,- a year

Also we offer attractive package deals. For example, if you like to use all our services mentioned above, we have a total offer of the first year for 2.950,-