Solve all your storage problems with woven baskets from Tine K Home

woven baskets

For a truly summery vibe you wouldn’t expect any products to be shipped out to the north-east of Belgium. Danish design and interior brand Tine K Home has proven us all horribly wrong however. Their rustic designs in furniture and home decor truly bring that Spanish Mallorcan beach sensation right to your front doorstep using bamboo, accoya and other natural looking materials. But their woven baskets can’t be missing from your summer scene.

woven baskets

Practicality. Wherever you go

Tine K Home as an entire product line dedicated to the wonders of baskets. Combining the woven materials with this Danish company’s unique design schemes creates an assortment of handy decor and accessories for around your home and for on the road. Besides large and small handbags, Tine K home sells either hard or soft woven baskets depending on the type you need. Think fruit basket, laundry bin or toiletry holder when you think soft baskets. Need something sturdy like a plant pot or something open and airy to drop your wet towel in, but still sturdy and resistant? You should go for some hard woven baskets!

Tine K Home truly provides not just some products, but an experience. And they ship this experience across the whole world! Need some assistance or advice? Contact one of their representatives located all across Europe!