Things to Know Before Buying a Dartboard Backboard

Sometimes darts enthusiasts seem to forget the fact that walls are not dartboards and should not be used like one. Constantly playing darts without a proper dartboard may lead to punctured and ugly-looking damaged walls. It is impossible that one’s aim would be perfect at all times and there are high chances of darts to land on walls that would worsen a dart’s condition. This is the reason why experienced darts players always make use of a proper dartboard backboard that would safeguard walls from darts being stuck into them.

Dartboard backboard is commonly available at various shops whether online or offline. The main focus of all buyers should be on figuring out which type would suit their requirements better and purchase the same. A typical dartboard backboard covers more space than the dartboard and spreads around it to protect the walls. 

The reason why it doesn’t matter that backboards are expensive is that it is better to spend money on saving your walls from being damaged than paying extra for being careless and repairing of those walls. Furthermore, by hitting a wall constantly, darts with soft tips might get damaged that means putting up backboards would also mean saving darts. 

Types of dartboard backboards available in markets:

  • Octagonal (wood-made): This one looks like a professional backboard and is generally made with high-quality materials such as hardwood along with plush lining. Aesthetically, these backboards are highly recommended, and they are quite durable but unfortunately, these cannot be used with electronic dartboards.
  • Square (wood and plush): Since these are square in shape, they cover a considerably huge area around the dartboard. These are extremely thick and yet easy to be mounted by a person. Although square type dartboard backboards are easy to disassemble and store, these are not fit for outdoor usage. 

Other than these 2 there are backboards made of cork, foam and even felt which are good for indoor usage. Thus, one should go for any variant that fulfils their requirement and helps save their walls.